Just like her grandmother in the early 1900s, Jasmine, founder of Radice, today relies on ancient Italian recipes and ingredients – from rosemary to salvia (sage), to Tuscan lavender, helichrysum italicum, juniper, thyme and St. John’s wort – in order to create, every year, a small, intimate batch of Radice masks and creams. In Italian, Radice means root, and Jasmine’s effort goes all into unearthing the benefits of these processes that have contributed to the health and beauty of human skin across the centuries, and bringing them to the present day.

Sourcing raw organic herbs and resins directly from their own production is only the first of many careful steps they follow in order to preserve the nutrients locked into these plants. Ingredients are picked by hand only when they are in season – like St. John’s wort, picked by hand in the garden during the night between the 23rd and 24th of June, when the plant reaches its “balsamic time”, the moment when the herb expresses the highest degree of active ingredients and vitality – and they are treated solely through traditional procedures passed on from generation to generation, like pressing by hand, laying out in bain-marie, or cold-soaking to attain maceration. 

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